TEPS members pay an annual subscription of $5.00 per year, the membership year is from 1 April to 31 March (but you may join anytime).

BECOME a TEPS member:

Please fill out your name(s) and contact details in the form below and transfer $5.00 per person into the TEPS bank account. Please include your name(s) in the ‘Particulars’ field of your bank deposit so we can record you as a member.

RENEW your TEPS membership:

TEPS Membership subscription is due 1st April. You can transfer your annual membership fee of $5.00 directly into the TEPS bank account. Your membership renewal will be confirmed when we have linked your name on the TEPS membership list, to your deposit. Please include your name in the Particulars field.

Account: Tāmaki Estuary Protection Society 12 3057 0634462 001

Confirmation of membership: The TEPS Secretary will confirm your new membership/renewal on receipt and matching of identified payment.